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Who We Are

We are experienced operators and strategists rather than career consultants. We have been there and done that as Fortune 500 executives, startup founders and innovative technologists.

We "do and see" consulting differently.

We focus on decision-making and implementation, helping our clients transform by acting and operating side by side to jointly achieve strategic outcomes.


Our Expertise

Areas where we help our clients succeed.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
The process of product or service ideation, definition, approval, prioritization and management.
Architecture, Engineering, and Test (AET)
Product design, production and build, test and quality assurance, and release.
Revenue and Go-to-Market (RGM)
Determining and executing how products are best priced, positioned, launched and sold.
Customer Experience Delivery (CXD)
How product implementation, support, and maintenance impacts customer satisfaction and retention. 
Executive Leadership Team (ELT)
Strategic decision-making, organizational alignment, operation standards, communication, and management of revenue and delivery objectives.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Deploying outsourced/contracted product, engineering, architecture and sales services and personnel in order to improve speed and efficiency, increase capacity and accelerate transformation.

Clients Partner with Blue Rocket to Navigate Critical Periods of Change and Growth

Every company experiences times of growth—whether rapid, slow or stagnant. Each type or stage of growth requires business and operating models aligned to current and future opportunities, requirements and limitations.

Blue Rocket partners with clients to identify organizational assets and determine which most contribute to success or reinforce resistance to change. We then help optimize resources to near-term requirements while strategically and operationally planning to capitalize on the potential of the future.

Learn More About How We Help Businesses Transform
“Blue Rocket provided an expert and objective view to help Salesforce make informed, strategic pricing decisions that benefited not only us, but ultimately our customers as well.”
Craig Shull
VP of Pricing, Product Strategy & Operations at Salesforce

Our Team of Rocketeers

We understand firsthand the unique challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities associated with leading, sustaining and transforming companies, products and services.


Blue Rocket Client Operators each have 20 years of executive, engineering, sales, and technical experience at startups, privately held businesses and fortune 500 companies.


Blue Rocket employees possess a commitment to excellence combined with respect and appreciation for our clients, families, communities and colleagues.


Rocketeers embody and practice our core company values: integrity, candor, compassion, knowledge and customer focus.